A little over 40 years ago I chose to be born into this life as Rebecca Mckown. It wasn’t a choice taken lightly. I knew that this person I was being born into, with all her experiences, were needed to learn the lessons I needed to learn. The road to this point 40 years later has been interesting to say the least. It was just in these last 4 years though that I have found a doorway into a different dimension. I veered off the well beaten path I was on to a side street where I paused and took in my surroundings. There was something missing. There was a dullness that left my life feeling stagnant. It was here where I decided to go back to my path with fresh eyes and an open heart.

This decision hasn’t led me on an easier path, quite the opposite actually. It is often when we break free from what’s expected of us that life gets difficult. We see the world differently and the world sees us differently. It definitely has taken me a lot of courage and trust to accept my new vision. This vision is one of connection and a bringing together of all people and all things. What I had always feared never existed. What I had always dreamed was actually my invitation to be led to something bigger than me. I became a true believer in life and purpose. I became a true believer in people and love. I became a true believer.

I have always been fascinated with health. I remember being around 8 years old with my feet locked under our families large box TV and doing sit ups. I remember babysitting and when the kids took their naps turning on ESPN to do the aerobic videos. I became fascinated with food labels in my late teens and reading all the books that would teach me about the body. I learned about Ayurveda, Herbs, Homeopathy, pressure points, and other forms of natural healing. I continued to dabble as much as I could in all that I could. But I just dabbled, never taking my fascination seriously. But then I did and I went even deeper. I became certified as an Herbalist, trained in Energy systems – meridians and Chakras, Kinesiology. I remember muscle testing my kids when they were very young for food allergies, not really understanding what I was really doing. I also remember running my hand inches above their bodies when they were sleeping feeling their energy and shifting it when I felt it needed to be. I’ve trained in essential oils. I’ve trained and I’ve studied and I’ve read and I still read all I can get my hands on. With all this I have finally embraced my calling – to heal not only the body but also the mind and the Spirit. They are all connected in a deep energy connection that traveled with us into this lifetime. Our bodies are not finite. They come with stories that we’ve brought with us through our Soul. Aspects of our bodies will continue on into our next lives. Stories, Thoughts, Energy. When we understand this we are more willing and wanting to heal all that we’ve experienced in this life and all that we’ve brought with us from past lives.

So what has stopped me from sharing my passion and my abilities? Fear. What I do, what I can do, does not fall under the category of normal. When you take the route less followed people become a little weirded out by you. I naturally felt the need to protect myself and my Ego. Part of this came from my judging people for being “strange” and admitting to the unseen. I fell into the trap of hiding who I was to protect myself from judgment.

But what happens when the call becomes so great you can’t ignore it – when you get so excited by your abilities and how they can benefit others? You step up and listen. And that’s what I did and I feel so amazing because of it. Because I’ve been able to embrace my abilities, my connection to something beyond me, I’ve been able to help others heal and thrive.

I, Rebecca, am an Intuitive Healer. I work together with your body and Soul to facilitate healing. Through various modalities (the ones I feel called to work with with you) I will help shift and amplify your energetic healing.

Your body is a powerful vessel that houses your precious self and I’m here to help you care for that self in a deep and powerful way.

I believe…in passion, love, individual identity, freedom, spirit, energy, the earth, peace, happiness, abundance, swinging upside down, the body, movement, equality, water, exploring, smiling, bugs, acceptance, creating, sharing, helping, breathing, and healing…

This I Believe:

I believe in the power within to live a grand life, true to your making.

I believe in the power of individual voice.

I believe in playing big, free of fear or restrictions.

I believe in self-truth and living honest to core desires.

I believe in accepting the person you are and embracing every ounce of your greatness.

I believe in your greatness.

I believe in erasing past definitions, given my others, and rewriting a story true to the inner-voice.

I believe in the power of the Universe and its energy to transform the world.

I believe in everyone’s right to live in respect and honesty.

I believe that everyone deserves happiness.

Happiness is possible. Happiness is deserved. Happiness is yours for the taking.

I will reach out to those who need or want my support. I will help others realize their personal truth, desires and their voice. I offer my friendship, support and continued learning.

I am inspired to inspire.

I strive to be authentic and to share my truth and love.


My core values are: that we are all, every living thing, is equal in every way; that everything in life, the good and the bad is a lesson offering us possibilities to grow; that we are all energy; and that we all deserve to know and live happiness.




I am a Goddess.

I am powerful.

I am full of wisdom.

I am intuitive.

I am awesomely amazing.

Who else is behind this awesomeness? So much. I would love to describe myself through life’s definitions but when you get to know me you will come to know that this is not my way. Yes, I am a mother, a damn good mother but I don’t choose to be defined by the word. Instead I see myself as one lucky soul who gets to spend her days with 3 other amazing souls. We spend our days living and learning together. I help them and they help me.

I am also a writer, creator, yogi, gardener, herbalist in training, chicken rancher, green juicer, lover of life and kick ass spiritualist.

There is so much more about me. I would love for you to keep in touch so we can connect and work on this wonderful journey called life together. Join me below for weekly love and support.

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*Modern Day Mystic – One who practices Mysticism which is defined as the pursuit of identifying with and conscious awareness of a divine force, energy, spiritual truth and even God through direct experience, intuition, instinct and insight. Mysticism usually centers on a practice intended to nurture experiences of awareness.


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