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Letting Your Ship Sink So You Can Find the Leak

I’ve been going through a major life transition, upheaval, ship sinking fiasco. I’m a hot mess some of the time. I’m cool as a cucumber other times. But the truth is what I appear to be on the outside is rarely what is actually going on in the inside. On the inside I...

Learning to Live

Learning how to live is a life long process. It starts from our first breath when our living was dependent on other more competent people. Then as we grow older we start realizing we have opinions and a voice. This works better for some than others. As we grow older...

The Past Rewritten

  I have a pretty amazing past I was born to two parents who loved me. I was one of 4 kids, third to an older brother and sister and later a younger brother. I lived in a modest, but loving house. It was a muted green house attached to its twin house which I...