Intuitive Healing


It’s time.

You wake up to a new day knowing something is off. It may be physical, or mental, or spiritual. It’s lying right next to, sitting up with you when you sit up, and standing as you stand. You can’t shake it. It follows you.

It’s time to Heal. It’s time to face that lurking sensation face to face so you can finally understand what it has to teach you. There is a lesson in all this and once you understand what you must learn, healing begins.

Healing is a journey. It starts with acknowledging your pain, overwhelm, sadness, feelings of loss, anger, unhappiness…

Once you get past the acknowledgement it’s time to understand what’s going on. Where did it start? Why did it start? Who is involved in your story? Getting to the core of your story is how we will dissect its purpose, befriend it, walk through the fires with it, or simply hold its hand. Here is where we will discover the emotions that have been buried deep affecting you on all levels of life: the physical, mental and spiritual. This is when and where healing truly begins.


Individual Healing Session

Your body is the barometer of your Soul. It communicates what your Soul needs through physical and mental cues. When you listen and feel you can know exactly what is needed to be healthy and happy. The problem is so many of us have lost touch with our ability to hear what our body is telling us.

My responsibility as an Intuitive Healer is to connect to your being and gauge what is going on physically, mentally and spiritually and to then facilitate an energy shift which ultimately leads to healing. I am committed to helping you heal your body, mind and soul.

Our session together will be about connecting to your concern and getting to it’s root, understanding it and releasing.

You can heal by changing the trajectory of your path. You have total control of not only your present and future but also your past by changing the story. Are you ready?


Matrix of Tools;

  • Physical Healing
  • Spiritual Evolution
  • Akashic Records
  • Past Lives
  • Ancestral Lineage
  • Soul Connection
  • EFT

  I also utilize shamanic techniques, sound healing and other techniques I feel called to use.


One hour session $160 BUY NOW





Entrepreneurial Healing

As an entrepreneur you have made the choice to follow your calling and not to take the pre-paved path. Something tells me you want to help people and the only way you feel you can really do this is to take control of your choice.

It’s tough work though, running a self-created world of business. You get to control your own hours but that sometimes means working all hours of the day, forgetting to eat, and neglecting your needs. Life as an entrepreneur means doing most of, if not all of it, on your own. You’re tired and overwhelmed. You feel you have to prove yourself and you don’t feel accomplished unless you achieve your initial goal.You fear failure and judgment.

No wonder you’re tired and confused. You’ve been neglecting your body, mind and spirit. You’ve been ignoring the pain. You keep burying that feeling of failure under the rug. You keep forgetting to take the quiet time needed to recenter your Spirit.

It’s time for healing and I’m here to help you. As an entrepreneur you’re  part of healing the world. Without your love and passion the world will be missing an essential part of its beauty. The world needs you so you need to be happy and healthy.

An Entrepreneurial Healing Session sounds a bit odd I must say. But what it is is essentially an Intuitive Healing Session with focus on you in your business. This session can work for you as an individual, or it can work to clear any personal ailments or walls that are holding you back from success, or it can be a Healing Session for your business. Your actual business holds an Energy and history that breaths life just like you and I, and sometimes it needs a clearing and a boost.

Being an entrepreneur means you’re in control. You’re driven and special, and creative, and guided, and I thank you for all the love and energy you put out into the world.

One hour session $160 BUY NOW


6 Week Mentorship

A mentorship with me consists of 6 1-hour weekly sessions and unlimited email support. These sessions will focus on what you are needing at this time and will include any of the above listed modalities. Included in the mentorship will also be a weekly Chakral Clearing and a Soul Blueprint which will be accessed through an Akashic Records Reading.

This mentorship is for those committed to deep healing and success. It is an intensive 6 weeks of one-on-one time, personal assignments, deep introspection and massive healing. If you sign up with me for a mentorship you are guaranteed my attention, commitment and love.

Please sign up for a Discovery call if you are interested in a 6 week mentorship so we can talk and assess what you are hoping to achieve.

6 Week Session $1400 BUY NOW

I am a holistic practitioner working with your body, mind and spirit to aid in healing. I am not a medical doctor.  I do not diagnose illness, nor am I legally permitted to treat or diagnose disease. I suggest that, prior to an appointment with me (for a physical health symptom), you have a medical diagnosis from a licensed medical doctor. I will provide the materials and education necessary to make informed decisions about your health from a complementary and alternative standpoint. At no time do I suggest ending medical treatment of any kind for any diagnosis.