What does it mean to work with me?

It means for the first time in a long time feeling special.

It means learning to love yourself and accept yourself in profound and intense ways.

It’s like experiencing a Spiritual Orgasm where every nerve center of your being is turned on and lit up. The vibrations that will awaken within you will truly jump start your heart and life.


The answer is pleasure. You will learn the meaning of pleasure and understanding this word to it’s core.

Pleasure is joy and happiness. It’s peace and acceptance. It’s intense and it’s sublime.

Pleasure is your purpose.

Life is meant to be pleasured. You are meant to feel life with every nerve of your being. You are meant to enjoy every second of this life.

I am here to show you how.

I am here to turn you on to your being and to feel the intensity of Spirit that resides within you.

You are meant for greatness,

and love,

and joy,

and intense life altering pleasure.

There is nothing standing in your way.  None of your beliefs or stories can stop you. You have to believe this and understand it.


You are pleasure vibrating at a force of life.

I can help you feel it.

I can help you feel the life that’s been waiting for you.

You feel it don’t you? You know it at at deep, deep level that your life is bigger than these walls you’ve believed existed around you.

Those walls are false. They are a figment of your thoughts. They don’t exist.

I can and will help you see beyond them.

Are you ready?

I only work with people who are serious to do this work, people who are ready to experience the emotions, the fear, the love and the ultimate climax of their life.

I work with a minimum commitment of 6 sessions. This is where we start and from there we will see where you’re ready to go.

Spiritual Life Coaching with me is all about awakening your Spirit and rising to the surface of your being. I will take your lead and we will explore your current life, your ancestral lineage, your past lives, your Soul’s purpose and your future direction.

Take my hand. I’ve been waiting for you.

Questions? You can contact me at rebmckown@rebmckown.com

Are you Ready?



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