New Years is an exciting time for me. It’s a chance to start new. I’m not one interested in the traditional resolutions. They never seem to work. What I’ve noticed is that throughout the year I am resolving new things, so no one single time is necessary for me. The New Year though is a fresh start.

The first day of the year is the first day to this start. Day 1 of a new beginning. It’s a path with 365 squares laid out ahead of me. When I wake up the morning of January 1, 2018 I start at square 1. Anything can be up ahead. What an exciting thought.

Each day I take a new step on a new square. Each square is my choice. Which direction will I go? What will I bring with me from the previous days/squares? It’s my choice.

This year I am starting a pretty big step. I am stepping into this year solo. I have never been solo before. I’ve always had someone to stand beside me whether it be my mother or my husband.

I’m entering into my 44th year and yes, it is the first time I will be venturing in alone.

I’m going to approach this new venture as an adventurer. I’m going to attempt to move without fear by my side. I’m tired of being afraid. I’m ready to be brave.

I’m leaving a lot behind in 2017 – my 29 year relationship and my trust in a person I truly believed would always be there for me. I’m leaving behind weakness. I’m leaving behind living other people’s opinions of me. I’m leaving behind fear.

I’m letting go of all these things, closing and locking the door behind me. And when this door closes, all that gets left behind will disappear – POOF into nothingness – gone from my life and gone from my mind.

In 2018 I will become a carpenter, a builder. I will start with square 1 and build upon it with my own hands, with my imagination and belief.

Each day will build upon the others into a beautiful masterpiece. A structure so strong and magnificent that it can weather all that gets thrown my way.

In 2018 I will open myself up to the world, trusting my place in it.

I will forgo my learned role as follower and I will become a leader. It is what I am here to do. As I lead I will also be lead from a place of my truth and power. I will be led by an inner force that has helped me to awaken.

2018 will be a year of power and force, beauty and love. I have all the tools I have been acquiring for years at my ready. I will use these tools to build my masterpiece. I will only add the things that add to it’s function and beauty. I will deny those things that threaten to harm or disfigure my structure.

I’m ready to take my first step of 2018 with power and trust.

Here I go…