When we hate something or someone we seek power and control. The question then becomes why?

What are people looking for?


Reasons to existence.

Meaning to life.

These all come with unknown answers so we become scared of the unknown.

When we come to life we come with a purpose, a reason to this existence. Then life happens. We are powerless babes with no control of our body or choices. We start to forget our purpose. Our purpose gets layered with the life we’re surrounded with, labels, teachings, other people’s perspectives, judgments, etc.

We have forgotten why we have come here. Yet, we know there’s something more. It can be a painful and confusing knowing. We feel out of alignment and out of control. We feel disconnected. And most of this stuff we’re feeling we don’t even realize we’re feeling. These feelings simply come off as anger, sadness, frustration and even complacency. We simply learn to live by the guidance we are given. And this guidance can be misguided and completely out of alignment to our purpose which makes us feel off. We absorb the lessons around us and if these lessons are of hate, we become hate.

Hate is the result of seeking control in what feels like an uncontrollable and scary place. Hate becomes the answer to feeling powerless. Through hate we give ourselves power by finding others to blame for our confusion.

We are lost in an unknowing and scary world. Being surrounded by a world we think we didn’t choose we feel powerless. We feel powerless because we have an internal drive to be something yet an external pull making us forget. We’re off balance. It’s like walking through life with a 10 lb helmet on our head with a darkened visor and no peripheral vision. Those who follow the lead of hate have an even darker visor and heavier helmet. The frustration of no longer being able to see is frustrating. We feel utterly powerless. But power is necessary to our Souls.

To have power over choice is sacred.

To have control of our being is our right. Inside we know this. We feel this pull. Yet when we can’t exercise this control, from life circumstance and forgetting, we seek it externally. Oftentimes this comes in the form of hate and control. We find those external forces where we can be in control. We find those weaker than us, children, minorities, people who have historically been defined as weaker and we attempt to overpower. We find power in combining forces with people with the same agenda and we then feel even more powerful. We end up forgetting our internal innate power and seek power over others as our power.

But it is false power. It is power that is defined as hate. It is not real. It is misguided and it takes us further from our true sacred power. Each step we take toward external power we get further from our truth and in the meantime we hurt others, we hurt the world and we inevitably hurt our Souls.

Hate is a weakness that can only be overcome with accepting our Soul truth, the truth that we are not individuals but instead a part of a whole.

We are not individuals, we are part of one being.

We are specks dancing among other specks, interacting, shifting, all part of the same canvas.

None can survive without all. All are necessary.

We are colorless yet filled with every color of the spectrum. Together we make a colorful and vibrant whole where all are equal and powerful and necessary to the human and Soul experience.