Yesterday was the New Moon in Leo and this moon is all about  stoking the fires of your desires.

This is a magnificent time to speak about what you desire, to dream, to believe in yourself.

Let’s start with Desires. What are desires? Desires are any of those things you want, from a new pair of shoes, to a new career, to a vacation to Europe to World Peace. Desires are our wants. And desires, your desires, are yours and yours alone. They are powerful messages being communicated to you.

Wait a minute. How can desiring a new pair of shoes be a powerful message being communicated to you? Let me explain. The shoes are rarely about the shoes. Sure, you may love shoes but is it the shoes, or is it about how the shoes make you feel elegant, successful, practical, unique.

Our desires rarely speak of the tangible.

They are typically about the feeling behind the desire. If you desire a new career, why is this? It’s not just the label you seek. It’s the independence, the recognition, the opportunity, the money, and the…

Are you getting what I mean about desires? Desires are about the feeling you seek once you receive the desires. So when I mentioned above that your desires are messages being communicated to you, it’s always good to look at the feeling behind the desire. This is the message  that will guide you and light up your path.

You want recognition, success, more money. These are your new desires. No longer is it about new shoes or a new career, it’s about a new level of desires which can now be broken down even further.

What would having recognition, success and more money bring you? What value would you receive from these things. What is it you truly seek?

When you break down your desires you get to the core messages being delivered to you at this point in your life. Why do you think your desires differ today than they did last year, or ten years ago? It’s because your desires are shaking you into seeing your current path more clearly.

Breaking it down;

What do you desire?

What words describe this desire? What would you really be receiving through acquiring this desire? This is your new desire.

Now take this new desire and break it down even further. What would you really be receiving through acquiring this desire?

Keep breaking it down until you get to the core message being communicated to you.

I’ll share with you one of my current desires to show you how it’s done.

I desire to move to NYC.

Behind this desire is freedom, personal power, independence, and adventure.

Behind freedom is autonomy. Behind personal power is control. Behind independence is joy. Behind adventure is possibility.

Behind autonomy is the ability to be led on my purpose. Behind control is that no one can stop me. Behind joy is knowing I’m on the right path. Behind possibility is trusting in something bigger than me.

And the desires can keep going until I get to the core of my original desire.

Wow, I have taken a big U-Turn at the New Moon.

Getting back to this powerful time is that this Moon is all about stoking the fires of our desires. So start with your desires. Get to the core of them. The deeper you go the more you are allowing yourself to be communicated with and the more you are communicating with higher powers. When you communicate your desires on a deep level they are being heard. I promise you this. It all starts with communicating them to yourself by understanding the truth behind the desire.

It’s your turn now. What do you desire? What is it you truly desire? Spend time with this thought and stoke them in the fire of creation, of manifestation. Let them grow into being.

Tonight when you look up into the night sky, know that there is an invisible light shining down on you and your desires. Close your eyes and take it in.

Happy Desiring.