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A Spiritual Perspective on Hate

Power. When we hate something or someone we seek power and control. The question then becomes why? What are people looking for? Answers. Reasons to existence. Meaning to life. These all come with unknown answers so we become scared of the unknown. When we come to life...

Getting to the Core of Your Desires

Yesterday was the New Moon in Leo and this moon is all about  stoking the fires of your desires. This is a magnificent time to speak about what you desire, to dream, to believe in yourself. Let’s start with Desires. What are desires? Desires are any of those...

Letting Your Ship Sink So You Can Find the Leak

I’ve been going through a major life transition, upheaval, ship sinking fiasco. I’m a hot mess some of the time. I’m cool as a cucumber other times. But the truth is what I appear to be on the outside is rarely what is actually going on in the inside. On the inside I...