Letter to My 10 Year Old Self


Hey there, Becky. It is I, your 30 year in the future self. I have been instructed to write to you, my 10 year old self about who I am now. So here I am, ready to share with you my life, your life.

I, we, are a mom. Bet you couldn’t guess that one. You knew it all along didn’t you? I love it beyond words. As soon as I became pregnant the life of being a mother and having kids has consumed me in a really good way. In many ways I know this has been one of my purposes. It has been fulfilling, inspirational and has taught me more about myself than I think anything else could have.

Let’s see, what else to share. I am married to a boy-man you will meet when you are 13. Crazy, right? I have no recommendations for you here because you always let your heart guide you in this matter so I won’t spoil any surprises for you. The one thing I will tell you is to never stop expressing your voice. Hiding from your feelings will only sink you deep in muck and mire. Your needs and thoughts do matter. Don’t let your mind tell you otherwise.

Here’s another thing, you know how you look at Noelle and are often envious because even at 12 she knows exactly what she wants to be when she “grows up” and you have no clue and it often frustrates you. Well, prepare yourself, even at a newly christened 40, I/we still don’t know what we want to be when we grow up.

I have learned a truth though that I will share with you now, it’s all OK. The trick is to wake up each day knowing that life has your back. You will come to realize that life isn’t about being or doing one thing. It is about living, and breathing, and experiencing each and every moment.

Life isn’t about labels, of who or what you are. Life for you, my 10 year old friend, will be about breathing and listening. You have that voice already and you can hear it. This I do know.

That voice inside you, which comforts you and directs you will get softer, almost non-existent at one point, then it will re-emerge loud and clear. It’s the quiet time that gets tough. I will remind you now to not let it go quiet and I mean ever. That voice inside you is your true self who has a voice worth listening to and expressing.

Even now, you as a 10 year old, keep that voice quiet. You hear it but you are often scared to express it. You know it to. You are so knowledgeable at this moment, just listen I beg of you. You know those conversations you have in your head? That’s it. That’s the inner-voice guiding you, offering advice and comfort.

Another thing I would like you to know is you/I am still fearful of many things and this I now know has been a waste of time. I have wasted many years fearful of judgment, failure, my own thoughts. There are things you have always desired to do and have yet to do. But no more. I/you are now on the right path. We want to sing, we want to do a back bend from standing position, and we want to write and create and share. None of these things are a surprise to you because even now you at 10 want these things. I am sorry to say I have wasted 30 of our years too fearful to do all that we have wanted. No more though. My gift to us and to the world is to live fully to our heart’s desires.

As I espouse this wisdom on you now, I am reminded to keep this practice up in my own life, right now. I must listen and be guided and trust in my inner-knowing.

I am happy for all the experiences we have shared and yet to share. It all comes down to a simple truth, don’t be scared to live Becky. You can do. You can soar. You can shine. You can be and do all that you want to be and do.

A hug to you my girl.

In Love, Me 2014-10-05 15.59.28

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Fearlessly Writing Your Story


When I was around 7 or 8 years old a helicopter and its pilot came for a visit to my school. I really don’t know why this happened but it was an awesome site. All the classes were collected and led through the low ceilinged hallways, through the gym, and  out the back doors to the open field.

Immediately upon seeing the light of sun flash across my eyes, a loud roaring sound joined my senses. It was that of rotors spinning endlessly, from a helicopter hovering feet from the ground. It was an awesome site, an awesome sound, and an awesome wind that greeted me.

In that moment I saw and felt possibility. And not possibility of travel or of immense machinery but of something more. I saw the chance of attention. I saw this as an opportunity to be seen and to be revered.

In my imagination I was chosen amongst all the other school children to fly up high in this mechanical bird. I sat next to the pilot, strapped in the seat belt, and felt my stomach shudder as we rose straight up into the clouds.

After a short time we landed and upon landing the crowd cheered for me. I was a hero. If my imagination had taken me any further I am sure the other kids and teachers alike would have carried me upon their shoulders, so proud of my ability to fly in a helicopter.

In reality none of this happened but that didn’t stop me from going home and telling my family that I had been chosen to fly in the helicopter. Was I lying? No. I was dreaming of being recognized. It was a time in my life when I needed validation and approval for what I did. I wanted to be awesome in other’s eyes.

This need for validation followed me through the years. I feel that it is something we all face from time to time. It is a faulty condition where we seek other’s approval above our own. This is fear sucking us into it’s chamber of discontent. Fear has a power that controls our every breath.

It is fear that keeps us from our inner-voice. It is our inner-voice that when realized will give us all the freedom to live a life of our making.

I will be 40 in a few short days. This is a reality that in years past frightened me. Then I realized the magic that actually exists in that number. I will be 40! I have had the fortune to live 40 years. And I vow to live another 40+ years.

My life is now an open book for me to fearlessly write my story. In this age I have realized that I hold the pen and that pen will not be writing stories for other people’s approval. My imagination now flows for my benefit. Truth is, I don’t have to imagine anymore.

I live and I do. And what I haven’t yet done, I will do. I will no longer let fear hold me back from what I want to see, do or be.

I invite you to join me on my Fearless Journey. Let your imagination run wild with your wildest dreams and do and be and see.

Let go of your fear, and share a story below of letting go and living. I would love to hear.

2 Responses to Fearlessly Writing Your Story

  1. Indre says:

    I enjoyed the helicopter story, particularly the part about telling your parents the events, including your day-dream. Isn’t it wonderful how kids can mix reality & fiction like that? It’s a pity that we adults shun that and call it “lying”. There is really such a fine line between reality and our dreams.

    You ask for me to share my story about letting go and living. It’s too long to post here as a comment. It’s a great inspiration of a blog post: I’ll have to go write one on that topic! Thanks!

    OH, and one more thing: I am glad you are no longer worrying about the number 40! That seems so young to me! I am past the half century mark myself :)

    • rebmckown says:


      Age is definitely subjective. The key is to know we are all where we are supposed to be, age included. When I was 30, 40 seemed so long away but now it is here and I am grateful to not be 30 anymore. Funny how it works. I am sure you are now so much more versed in life than you were at 40 and grateful for all your experiences.

      Thanks for sharing. :)

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Your Story Goes Here…

design copy

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” -Buddha

Set the scene…

You’re in charge. This is your story. You are the creator.

Did you know that? That you are the creator of your life. It may be hard to understand this but you, your thoughts, your choices make up your life story.

What if I told you that you can change your story. You can write out and live a life of your making. The first step is writing, directing, choosing, and creating this story.

You are in control. This is your life. You’re in charge.

I have created a simple PDF of Your Story , so you can start creating your life the way you want. It is a process, not to be taken lightly. It is a process which you can control the outcome, the speed and the success of.

Don’t stop here, download below and get to creating. Your life is open from this moment on.

What is your story? Your story goes here…

Share with us below, so we can inspire, assist and love one another on this fabulous journey of life.

If you know of anyone who can benefit from this post or the PDF, send it on. Let’s work together to inspire the world.


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Weekly Warrior Series

Let Your Inner Warrior Shine.

Hey there beautiful people. I am here with a mission. That mission is to share easy doable exercises, and no, not the touch your toes and jump up and down kind, but the kind that will get your heart and soul pumped.

These are exercises to help you face your fears, unstick your stuck, accept your truth and finally realize the happiness you deserve.

Let’s get your inner warrior ready for battle.

Are you ready to get started? Then let’s do this!


Week 1

This week we will start out with clearing a mental path, so you can start opening up your heart and soul to the truth that is you.

Get out a writing utensil, whichever floats your boat, and a piece of paper.

On that paper, write the following;

  •  What obstacles do you see on your path?
  • What things hold you back?
  • Who holds you back?
  • What stories do you tell yourself that if released could set you free? What are your limiting thoughts? What excuses do you make for yourself? ex; I can’t loose weight. I will never have enough money. I will never find the perfect relationship., etc.

Now take what you have written and read it again. Read it again and again, until it all settles in.

Now take your piece of paper over to your sink. Get out a lighter and very carefully and safely light the paper on fire. Release lit paper into sink or metal container. Watch it and your blocks and obstacles disappear right before your eyes.

They were all an illusion.

Now get you a another piece of paper and know that in time a new story, all of your making, will be written.

That’s it. Now have a nice week and let your inner-warrior shine.

Bonus video. Yeehaw!

5 Responses to Weekly Warrior Series

  1. I love burning or destroying “old stories” that play in my head. I also do this in my artist practice. I paint over old canvases to make room for the new in my life. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cmt says:

    A simple but effective exercise and I hope I remember it when needed. Right now my life is amazing. Loved your newsletter/blog about not speaking up for fear of rejection from others. I used to hold back my words to maintain my “nice girl/woman” image. Then I learned to speak up for myself and not fear confrontation to express my needs and views. WOW what a freeing experience. I’ve never looked back and it has now become an automatic response and guess what, people still respect and love me!!!!!

    Have a great week and keep up the good work, Reb.

    • rebmckown says:


      Love to hear your experience about speaking your truth and coming out on top. It definitely leads to an amazing life.

      Thanks for your love and support.


  3. Indre says:

    Very simply, Reb: I loved this!
    Where I live, we have the tradition of lighting huge bonfires on Midsummer Night’s Eve. This past summer, my friends and I did EXACTLY what you write about here, with the added excitement of throwing the paper into the fire at midnight.
    Yes, it does feel liberating!

  4. Andrea says:

    This is delicious! A great practice to create mental and emotional space.
    Thank you so much for sharing! <3

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Taming the Beast: 6 Steps to Accepting and Honoring Your Pain


I sometimes wish I could go back to being that little girl, the one who had everything taken care of for me. I wouldn’t have to worry about where I was going or what I had to do, because pretty much it was done for me.

I want to be that little girl who still lives in a mysterious world of calm, excitement and naïveté. I want to be that girl who when she needs her mother, she can go to her, with tears in her eyes and just lay her head on her shoulder.

My mother wouldn’t even have to ask much. She would just know. She would tell me everything would be all right and somehow after that moment, it would be.

 That little girl is grown though, her mother lives hundreds of miles away and she is no longer naïve.

The world has opened up and exposed its beastly side and I am not liking it. I want to crawl under a rock and hide and just be left alone, at least for a bit. But unfortunately there is no rock big enough. I have thought about communing with my younger self and hiding under my bed, imagining it was that big rock.

I am now aware enough to know that hiding won’t help. I have to come to terms with all that I fear and all that I hold dear. I will have to come face-to-face with this beastly world and tame it.

I will put on my imaginary beast taming suit, with whip in hand and ever so kindly and humbly ask for calm. I tend toward the wimpy and the thought of using a whip on anyone or anything seems too cruel. It may just be the time though, for me to get fierce, to slash that whip at all the pain, fear and blocks that are holding me back.

“Be gone Beast”, I would yell and it would hear me and cower back at my intentions. I will come out on top, triumphant. I will wipe away the tears that run down my face and know that I had just been cleansed. I will come out anew.

The truth is we all have moments, where crying on the bathroom floor is a real possibility. We come to a crossroads in our life where we become intensely overwhelmed, or feel incredibly defeated, or just plain stuck or trapped.

These moments make us feel like giving up. But the truth is these moments are lessons. They give us the opportunity to learn, grow and emerge with a new spirit and zest.

Think back to one of these moments, where life feels like it is going to take you down. Are you still there? Probably not. In some way you came out on the other side stronger and better versed. You may not even have realized this phenomenon.

 Mistakes, challenges, pain can all be good when we use it as fuel to move beyond the moment.

Here are 6 steps to help move you forward next time you find your bathroom floor look a little too comforting;

1.)  Let it all out. Cry your eyes out if you have to. Do it and do it good. Tears can be a baptismal flood washing away all your pain and difficulties if done right.

2.)  Curl up in a nice comfy chair with your favorite hot drink and escape in a book or good movie. Separate yourself from your sadness. Escaping your pain forever can never serve you, but a small respite can open the gates to the change that comes after the pain.

3.)  Take a mind-cleansing shower. For real. I mean a real shower that will help wash the pain, hurt, destructive thoughts off your body and down the drain. Let the water be on the colder side. It will be both refreshing and shocking to the system.

4.)  Journal. Get out your notebook and pen and just free write. Stop thinking. Stop analyzing. And stop trying to control your thoughts. Instead just let it all out on paper. Don’t worry about grammar or spelling. When you just let the words spill out on paper you are allowing your soul to open up and share some great wisdom with you.

5.)  Laugh. What makes you laugh? Who makes you laugh? Find the means to laugh and go there. We all know that laughter is good, so do it. If you open up and let it happen it will be easy.

6.)  I know it’s a cliché but be grateful. Make a mental note of all that is around you that you are grateful for, from the big to the small. This very simple act reminds us that that which has upset us is small in comparison to all the good that already surrounds us.

I say it is time for us all to keep that beast taming suit handy and put it on when needed. We all have the power to tame our fears and hurt and use them to assist us on our journey.

Be Gone Beast!

8 Responses to Taming the Beast: 6 Steps to Accepting and Honoring Your Pain

  1. Hi Reb,

    I like your small actions. When people are feeling like that (and boy have we all been there at some time or another) it is those small, loving steps we take for ourselves that can be most effective. And I love your “Be Gone Beast!” it assigns those feelings to something outside ourselves so we can acknowledge, release, and more forward.

    Thank you for your wise words.

  2. Indre says:

    “Mistakes, challenges, pain can all be good when we use it as fuel to move beyond the moment.”
    Yes, I like that! I’ve learned a lot by having “bad” things happen to me. One very useful thing is to have became my own best friend. Sounds simple but it took time!
    I had to realize that ” I was enough”, and, at the end of the day, I was the only one to spend 24 hrs with myself everyday for the rest of my life. So no matter what, I better make best friends with myself.
    This is has become my secret for being OK for who I am, for feeling good about myself no matter what. This way I don’t have to feel “needy”, not missing someone’s shoulder to cry on (even though that can be nice), for being OK if I do or don’t have a partner (even though that can be nice), nor feeling lonely ever (even if it is nice to see friends/relatives, too).

  3. Andrea says:

    I love it! Thank you for sharing this. I do almost all of them! I love the shower therapy… Its so powerful.

  4. Kerry says:

    A blinking good cry is pretty much the best thing ever when feeling upset, betrayed, angry, disappointed. Gets it all out but oh yes it needs to be done right… no holding back and for as long as it takes. Its a shame full blown tantrums aren’t socially acceptable after 3 years of age!

    • rebmckown says:

      Kerry, totally agree. We definitely need to reinstate the tantrum. I believe with honest expression, we cant go wrong.

      Thanks for the comment.

  5. Diana says:

    I did quite a bit of free writing (#4) in a creative writing class in college years ago. It was amazing and liberating! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and grace.

Let Your Anger Set You Free

photo-11   I have been angry.

I have been hurt.

And I have been quiet.

I had a belief that I should not rock the boat. I needed to try to make the best of things and to look at the bright side.

I who, believes in self-truth, was living a lie. I had been pretending to be happy in order to give an impression of happiness. This isn’t to say that overall I wasn’t happy. I was just denying myself full happiness by suppressing feelings.

Truth is I was angry and had been for a long time. I shut this anger away, trying to hide it under floorboards, behind beds, in the shed, but in the end it was still inside me eating me up.

I had put my trust in a person, who was very near and dear to me, and that trust was betrayed. I never knew how to feel. I was in such disbelief that this person could do everything he had promised me he never would.

I didn’t know how to react to my feelings. I was in denial. I tried to overlook it all.

Do you ever feel this way? Do you ever get hurt or taken advantage of or talked about?

In these moments do you internalize the feelings? Why? Most likely for the reasons I mentioned above. We don’t want to disappoint others, or act dissatisfied. We want to be liked. And as I said up above, we don’t want to rock the boat.

So what do we do? We suppress our feelings and try to overlook them.

It’s time to stop!

Don’t let your feelings be denied by yourself or others. If you feel them they are valid and deserve the space to be felt. It is not bad to have negative feelings about things. It is not bad to not like someone who has treated you badly. It is not bad to be angry.

Own your feelings. Lock yourself in a closet and rant. Let it all out. Bring forth all your feelings of anger, hurt, betrayal and have a party. Scream out all the swear words you can. Curse that what makes you angry.

Don’t rush this process. Let it all unfold. You will notice that in time the anger gets replaced with contentment, not at what angered you to begin with, but because of release.

When you are ready, let it go. Feel the release and the lightness of letting it all go. Now, it is time to own your authentic feelings. This may be in the form of telling the person who hurt you, that you are done being treated like that. Beware though. Don’t let your feelings be denied, or coerced, or manipulated.

Own your feelings. Don’t worry about judgment. Accept the feelings that are within and break free of the constraints of holding on to them.

Free yourself and find your freedom.

5 Steps to an Awesomely Abundant Life

photo 1 copy I grew up in lack.

Or so I thought…

I, like many people was always wanting. I saw what other people had, toys, name brand clothes, fancy food, and I lusted. And through this, I grew up always feeling like I didn’t have enough.

There was this one store, that all the teenage girls dreamed of buying all their clothes from. I just had to have this one style shirt of theirs because then…then…then what?

Exactly. I got the shirt and nothing changed. But that still didn’t stop me from wanting the next “great” thing.

In truth, I had lots of toys, never lacked in clean clothes (even though they may not have been name brand) and always had enough food. And on top of this I had serious family love. I was rich beyond words.

So why, then did I feel lack?

Because I grew up with the belief that we didn’t have enough. We always struggled with money. We were often told we couldn’t afford things. I grew up with the belief that we lacked.

This false reality followed me for years. I was always wanting and never believed I could have all that I wanted. But things changed. I learned that I can afford. I saw that I was surrounded with an abundance so full that it threatened to suffocate me.

I learned to see a full world. My heart swelled with all that is and all that I have.

I lack no longer. I am abundance.

So what do you do to bring more abundance into your life?

First off, watch this awesome video, and share it with your friends. Let’s spread the word that abundance exists for everyone. After watching the video, follow these 5 easy steps to get you on the road to abundance.

  1.  Make the effort everyday to notice the abundance around you at least once. Work hard at making this a routine in your day.
  2.  Express gratitude. When you allow yourself to feel gratitude you are welcoming abundance into your life. By being grateful, it is a sign that you are noticing something good in your life.
  3. Smile. When you smile, even when you aren’t feeling it, a message is sent to your brain that you are happy. You will notice that in time, a forced smile becomes genuine and spreads that abundant, happy energy around.
  4. Wipe these words from your vocabulary, “I can’t afford it”. These 4 words will send a message to the Universe that you don’t have enough, you won’t have enough and you can’t have enough. Don’t see what you can’t have and make the decision to see what you do have. Also, if you want it, you can have it. Maybe not this instant but in time with belief, you will. Remember this and repeat after me, “I can afford it.”
  5. Share with others. This is a great step. Share what you have. We all have something to share, love, time, energy, money. Through sharing, the message is you have enough to share. And when you have enough, you are living in abundance.

The truth is abundance surrounds all of us. Take the time to become aware of all that is around you and you will stop seeing lack. Your abundance in all forms will grow, money, love, friendship, happiness. Focus on abundance and you too will be abundance.

2 Responses to 5 Steps to an Awesomely Abundant Life

  1. I can SO relate to your childhood! I also grew up in an incredibly loving family, well-provided for but, constantly hearing “we can’t afford…” I’m still working through my feelings of lack, using the same techniques you described above (just not consistently yet.) Thank you for this beautiful reminder! I am abundance. <3

    • rebmckown says:


      It’s amazing how our thoughts really do create our realities. If we think we can’t afford then we will always struggle to afford. In order to really have all that we want, and not just in terms of finances, we have to believe and know we can have.

      Thanks for you comment. Have a wonderful and abundant day!

Get Everything You Want…

“Prosperity is your birthright, and you hold the key to more abundance-in every area of you life - than you can possibly imagine. You deserve every good thing you want, and the Universe will give you every good thing you want, but you have to summon it into your life…The key is your thoughts and feelings, and you have been holding the key in your hand all your life.”

 -Rhonda Byrne

  Are you ready for an experiment? I am and I would love for you to take part. I am experimenting on abundance and how to achieve all the abundance I and you want. You are already surrounded by abundance in many forms. With a bit of focus you will be able to see this awesomely abundant world that surrounds you right this very moment.

  • Did you know that the Universe is on your side?
  • Did you know that what you have in life, you somehow asked for it, even if you weren’t aware of doing so?
  • Did you know that you are already surrounded by an abundant world that loves to deliver even more abundance?

First off I ask that you check out this video below. Get a little taste of what abundance is and some steps to get there. Then I ask that you experiment a bit with it. After becoming aware of all the abundance around you, try bringing more abundance to you.

If it is love you are wanting, start noticing all the love you already have in your life, friends, family, pets, etc. Just acknowledge all the love.

If it is money you are wanting, notice all the places in your life you do have money. “Oh wow, look here I have a dollar in my wallet.” See all that you have as abundance.

What ever you do, don’t see lack. If you see lack, you experience lack. If you see abundance, you experience abundance.

Check out video here;

Are you ready to take part in the experiment. This week ahead, practice what the video recommends then share below with your experiences. What shifts did you feel after becoming more aware of all the abundance that surrounds you?

Let’s experiment together and see what forms of abundance we all experience.

Check in throughout the week to hear others experiences. Also, come back next week for the 2nd installment.

In Truth and Love, Reb

6 Responses to Get Everything You Want…

  1. It’s funny you bring up this topic. Just yesterday we lost power to our villa. And while it was a frustrating day it reminded me of just how much I take for granted and am fortunate to have. I woke up today feeling fortunate… Maybe even, abundant! :) Gratitude practice also helps me feel abundant in my life. Thanks Reb!

    • rebmckown says:


      Yes, abundance is very closely related to gratitude. Once we are able to see and be grateful for what we have, more just follows.

      Thanks for your comments and I am glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Indre says:

    I had started thinking like this when the Great Recession started in 2008. When everyone started complaining, I realized how grateful I was to have a roof over my head and food in my belly. So many people in the world don’t even have that…..

    I also woke up to the true abundance around me.

    Instead of dreading to go food shopping (as I used to), I suddenly realized how LUCKY I was to be able to wander around a supermarket filled to the brim with food AND that I had so many choices AND that I was able to pay for what I choose to buy.

    You are the first person who mentions something similar! Most people think I’m nuts when I tell them that anecdote. :)

    • rebmckown says:

      Indre, So glad our wavelengths passed. It is a great lesson, seeing the great abundance in a grocery, I think we can all gain from.

      Quick question…do you think the abundance in your life increased after realizing it and being grateful for it?

  3. Shirl says:

    I have been trying to do this all along, but seem to forget. Seeing your video, I looked around my house and started to appreciate what I did take for granted, unfortunately, probably comparing to others that have more- I now see I do love what I already have, little things, my new hardwood floors are beautiful, my furniture, my backyard, and that is just my house. I hope to remember to do this daily and look forward to hearing more from you.

    • rebmckown says:


      I am sooo happy to hear that watching the video helped you to see the wonders around you. It is amazing when we really stop and let our eyes and heart truly see, what we become aware of. We can really appreciate all that we have, without feeling lack. And you will be amazed Shirl, if you keep this abundant and grateful feeling going, what you will be able to attract in your life.

      I will follow up next week with more beneficial and love filled tidbits to keep you moving.

      In Truth and Love,

Naked and Exposed

image-2 I have really come out of my shell lately. I didn’t even realize that I had been living in one. I hid myself from the world and made the excuse that I was just a private person. But in this private world that I lived, I hid myself from everyone even myself. I realized through this that it was mostly fear that was making me hide. I was fearful of people knowing the real me and gasp, possibly not liking me. What I am saying here is this whole time, most of these almost 40 years, I have been hiding because people may not like what they see? What was I thinking?

No more. I will no longer hide in fear. I will be proud of who and what I am. I will strip down the coverings I have been hiding behind and expose myself to the world. This journey has been in the works for some time now. I have been removing the layers slowly, sometimes finding new ones to hide behind. Most recently though I have been tearing them all off, like a Bandaid, quick and painless.

A big breakthrough for me was through social media. I know, really. Who ever thought that social media could help me on my journey. I joined Facebook about 6 years ago when my son was a newborn. It was a voyeuristic pleasure of mine, sneaking into the lives of people I hadn’t seen in 15 years. I rarely, as in mostly never, posted a thing. Why? Because I was a private person and didn’t think people should be a part of my private world and I didn’t want them to know about me.

Through the years I continued to use FaceBook for pleasure. I sometimes would look in on people judgmentally or enviously. It was and still can be a very unhealthy activity.

Since starting my business though, RebMckown, I have had to delve into the dark recesses of social media. I, the private person that I am, have had to start exposing myself to the world. This was and has been tough. With a business it was recommended that I have a Facebook business page.  My personal page is a totally different entity so much so that I would never think of sharing RebMckown statuses with my personal page peeps. Why you ask? Because God forbid these people on my “personal” page know anything about me. What would they say? What would they think? I wasn’t sure my fear could handle it. But I did it. I broke free from my fear constraints and embraced myself as who I am.

Lots of work up to this point. I have been working on myself in many ways to clear my issues of self-doubt. And through this and my own determination I have chosen self-love and self-acceptance. Through my spiritual teachings and life I have come to see myself as equal to every other soul, no better, no less. I am powerful and am worth sharing with the world.

So back to this FB nonsense. On my personal page I shared something kooky and spiritual that I normally share only on my business page and it felt damn good. I didn’t regret it. I didn’t delete the post. I felt so proud, not by what I had written, but because I shared and didn’t fear the outcome. It truly was like stripping down to nothing and exposing my whole self. I was naked and exposed and it felt absolutely wonderful.

So now it’s your turn. Take a risk. Do something you have always wanted to do but feared judgment. I have faith in you and your ability to do the outrageous. Follow that voice inside you that is dying to do this one thing. What is your inner-voice saying. Come on and do. I will be right with you. Together let’s fight our fear with bravery and personal power. What is it you are finally going to do? Share below and let’s support one another.

14 Responses to Naked and Exposed

  1. Oh wow! I resonate SO much with this, it seems we’re on a similar path. :-) The only difference is I’ve always defined myself as an Extrovert yet, since I started participating in social media I noticed that I’ve been more guarded with what I put out there (mainly because I’ve been working for a jewelry designer and many of my social media interactions are work related so I became very very conscious that whatever I posted might reflect back on her.) I’ve just recently started putting myself out there because I’m transitioning out of my current job into working for myself, it’s scary but also liberating! I’m actually working on a new blog post about “coming out of the spiritual closet” because I’m realizing that, even though I thought I was toning down my “woo woo” those that really know me were not fooled and one of the first words many would use to describe me is “spiritual.” I don’t really know why I thought that was a bad thing? I’m so glad to have found your blog and look forward to following your journey of self-exposure! xoxo Namaste

    • rebmckown says:

      Love the idea of “coming out of the spiritual closet”. I bet there are a lot of people who can resonate with this. How many of us deny our thoughts and beliefs for fear of judgment? I think once more of us can come to terms with who we really are, then life in this world will become really interesting.

      Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. In Love and Truth.

  2. Allison says:

    It feels like you were reading my mind. This post is excellent, and I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

    • rebmckown says:

      Thank you Allison. I suspect there are many of us out there hiding behind our fear. In Love and Truth.

  3. Indre says:

    Yes, it IS hard to venture out and expose oneself to the world…one of the reasons procrastination is so rampant….

    Yet AFTER you step out and do something daring, you are left feeling so exhilarated and you want to expose yourself even more (until the next bout of self-doubt settles in).

    I think we all know the feeling. Thanks for sharing!

    • rebmckown says:


      I do believe as humans, self-doubt has a way of exposing itself from time to time. As long as we know how to handle it, strip down and move on, we should all be just fine.

      Thanks for the comment.
      In Love and Truth.

  4. Andrea says:

    I love it. It is definitely a message I’ve been getting a lot lately. Thank you for sharing, for being vulnerable. I will keep moving, pealing the layers, getting raw and vulnerable. I know that is the way I want to live my life, my relationships & my business.

    Thanks again.

    • rebmckown says:

      Thank you Andrea. Love the idea of getting raw. It really get’s down to our core.

      In Love and Truth.

  5. Rebecca I love this message. As an educator as well as a creative, I try so very much to emphasize that with risk comes reward, ESPECIALLY when the risks we want to make are about acknowledging our true interests, our true person. Thank you for sharing and being a model to others!

    • rebmckown says:

      Thanks Carrie. Yes, with risk comes reward. I love it. Something that seems so simple, yet hard can be so exhilarating.

  6. This totally resonates with me. I had a very similar experience with social media being a great liberator as a container to start nudging my edges around sharing more authentically and vulnerably. It really can feel like being just naked out there in front of “the whole world,” can’t it?! But the more we do it the more solid we feel in ourselves. Congrats on sharing so boldly in this post. You’re clearly on your path.

    • rebmckown says:

      Thanks Melissa. Exactly, as in my post, it was like walking down the street naked, people staring out the windows seeing the naked girl. It was a humbling and powerful experience for me. Even though small exposure I am sure more will follow with more authenticity and power.

      Thanks for your comments.

  7. Siobhan says:

    Beautiful photo, Rebecca. You really look like someone who has arrived at her emotional destination in it. It perfectly complements your post. Well done.

5 Steps to Living Mindfully

photo-10 I took a bike ride early in the morning and a mile into the ride I realized that I had no idea how I got to be where I was. I mean I knew I was traveling on a bike but the roads, the cars, the people, absolutely no memory. So what happened? I went on autopilot. I missed the birds chirping, the breeze in my face, the pristine blue skies. I had missed it and I would never get those moments back. But I did realize it in time. It was actually a gift to my day because from that moment I became mindful and started to notice all the details around me.

I bet you can relate to this in some way. How often have you arrived at a destination and stopped to realize that you don’t remember the roads you took or the stop signs you stopped at? This can be a frightening realization. The same happens in our day-to-day moments.

Think of all the roads not traveled, the sights not seen, the love not acknowledged.

Mindfulness is a way to connect to every moment and to just acknowledge. Not every moment holds amazement or glory but every moment is a moment we are alive and breathing and living. Mindfulness is not about changing our situation or circumstances. It is about acknowledging the moment for what it is. In your moment you may notice loud noises, unappealing sites and smells, but what if, in those moments you could reach through and find the shimmer, and the beauty? It is there in the simple things, I promise.

So how do you live mindfully? Follow these simple steps and get started.

1.)  Become conscious of the incessant chatter in your mind. This is crucial. If you stop and go with your thoughts you will notice that they are endless. Your thoughts will drift from what’s for dinner, to making that doctor’s appointment to how that person walking down the street looked at you. Stop right now and just go with your thoughts. You will notice the chatter. The greatest part of this is that if you are able to notice this it you are being mindful. You are right now with your thoughts. Start here and soon you will be able to replace the chatter with controlled mindful consciousness.

2.)  Stop throughout the day and just be still. In your moments of stillness you will find peace and love and joy. You will slowly learn to appreciate and honor each moment for just that, a moment in your life. Your moments will become mindful and much appreciated.

3.)  Hold your own hand and have a conversation. This may sound a bit wacky but very important. Do you ever hold someone’s hand, a child’s perhaps, a friend’s, a spouses? In some way it brings calm and connection. It can also bring a feeling of safety. So what if, instead of waiting for another person’s hand to hold, you take a hold of your own hand. Comfort and love yourself. Feel the safety you can bring in that simple handhold. It is an act of love that you can give to a person that really matters, you. While holding your hand have a conversation with yes, you. Connect with yourself and find out what is really going on. Become your own friend and find that companionship powerful.

4.)  Go on more walks. Walks are not just for exercise. It is a time to connect with nature and your senses. While on your walk consider what you see, hear, smell, feel and yes possibly taste. In these moments you will be mindful with all that is around you and learn to appreciate each moment for what it is.

5.)  What is the meaning of this moment? Now it is time to explore the question of meaning. What is the meaning of life? Perhaps the meaning is the moment. What does each moment bring to you, a lesson, a gift, an act? Find the meaning of the moment and live it.

Mindfulness can bring you joy. In each moment you will find a moment to live, a moment to love. Hold on to these moments and honor them. Next time you are going on a bike ride remember to be mindful. Don’t miss out on all that is around you. We all only have a bit of time here. What a waste it would be to let any time pass without being fully aware. Love and Mindfulness to All.

"Rebecca's insights are both entertaining and filled with meaningful life lessons."

-Ann M.