The Undefined Life

My name is Reb Mckown and I am here to tell you to Stop your search for the next best thing.

Instead, look within and find the real you. The “true you” is waiting to emerge out of all that hasĀ 

defined you. No more! It’s time to choose your own definitions and live a life of pure contentment.

Come on in and join me.

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2 Responses to The Undefined Life

  1. Ryan says:

    I read your article about being an introvert. My wife is an introvert while I am an extrovert. So how do you find a happy medium? While I love going to football games and tailgating she will go but rarely actually has a good time and makes me feel guilty for wanting to partake in the festivities which she won’t do. The same kind of thing happens at my family functions or when we go hang out with people she might not know that well. On one hand I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable but then it’s not fair to my extroverted self to stay home and not participate in activities. Can you please provide some guidance?

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"Rebecca's insights are both entertaining and filled with meaningful life lessons."

-Ann M.