I believe…

I believe in an energy that flows around and through us. This energy is the love and guidance that connects us all. When we slow down and stop we can feel it. It is tingly. It is welcoming. It is connection and power and truth. It is love. It radiates all around us, grounding us and connecting us to one another – to the trees, to the air, to the tiny specks of miracles that surround us. We were born into this energy of love. Our journey is leading us back to our true being – a reconnection to our power, our truth, our innate energy. We return to love. I am awakened. And to you my friend and love, I honor you on your journey and wish you the strength to go back and return to who you came here to be.

Love is the Only Answer


Hate + Hate = Hate

Hate + Love cancel each other out.

Love + Love = Love

These simple equations are the answer to all problems.

When tragedy happens, it opens up so many avenues of discussion. I have already read many opinions and theories. I have lain in contemplation and wonder. I have asked the big question, Why?

I think of the people who can choose a path of hate and again I ask, Why?

I have no answers. All I know is that answering the call of hate with hate, anger, discrimination, and judgment breeds more hate. I do know this is not the answer.

It starts with forgiveness and then ends in love.

Forgiveness is a big and powerful act. We often don’t want to forgive because we equate it to acceptance and saying what was done was OK.

Forgiveness is much different though. It is about letting go of anger and moving forward. Remember anger grows hate and hate creates hate which never ends well.

It is hate the started these tragedies and as long as we allow hate to live more tragedy and acts of hate will happen.

The only thing that cancels out hate is love. Love starts with us. We must love where we can and how we can. We must look out our front and back doors and find people to love. We must let go of our fear, anger and hate. We must overcome our need to blame.

It will be hard, almost impossible for some. Notice I say almost because it is possible. It is possible to let go and stand above the people of hate. We must offer them love. We must blanket the world in love, forgiveness and kindness. Together we can smother out the fuel that feeds hate. We must.

It starts with us. It starts with each of our individual brands of love. Love is powerful. Love is capable. Love is the weapon against hate.

Don’t be angry. Be love. Don’t be resentful. Be love.

This act I ask of you is huge. I ask that we all let go of our anger and hate and instead embrace love. As the equations above show, love is the only answer.

Love is the answer.

The Fine Life

There is this word in the English language that describes how we are doing. Most of us often use it. This word though has become a standard for getting by, for doing for the sake of doing, and at times as a word of resignation.

This word is “Fine”.

How are you doing? Fine
How is your relationship? Fine
How is your job going? Fine

In the answer of “fine” we are simply giving an acceptable answer to give the impression, to ourselves and the people in our lives, that we are essentially Okay. Fine gives us permission to keep going on the path we are on even if it is not the right path.

Fine is mediocre. It is acceptance. It is safety. It is easy.

Fine keeps us safe. It doesn’t rock any boats. It doesn’t disrupt an easy life. And it doesn’t create fear.

But what else does “fine” do?

It keeps us stuck.

It keeps us from joy.

It keeps us from discovering hidden treasures and road maps to pure joy.

To resign ourselves in “fine” is a form of giving up on living the absolutely amazing life we were born to live.

Don’t settle for being fine. Settle for being great, amazed, lit up. Don’t even settle. Stop settling and start living.

In the days ahead I want you to do something for yourself. It is easy and painless. What I want you to do is start to be conscious of when you see things in your life as just fine. Get a notebook if you want to be really successful at this exercise and write out these moments of finery.

What are you defining as fine?

Then ask yourself if fine is just a resignation, of giving up, of not feeling capable of being more than fine, of being scared to take the leaps to one up fine and be great.

Why have you been accepting fine when what you really want is to be great?

Fine has become such an easy way to live. It’s better than horrible, right? But it’s not good enough for you. You deserve to be much better than fine.

Choose the great life. Be awesome. Be grand. Be spectacular. Just don’t settle anymore for just being fine.

Let People Know That You See Them


The other day I was doing my weekly grocery shopping when a man stopped to ask me a food related question. In his cart was a quiet and sweet little girl no more than 2 years old. I answered his question with a smile and he went on his way.

I finished my shopping without thinking again about this man and his little girl until I saw him in a line nearby at a register. His daughter sat quietly. There was no interaction or acknowledgement between what appeared to be father and daughter.

Without conscious thought, my heart ached for these 2 people, father and daughter. They didn’t even seem to recognize each other even mere feet away from one another. I wanted so bad to go and speak to this little girl to let her know I saw here.

While loading groceries in my car I saw the man a couple lanes over smoking a cigarette and I immediately thought I was glad he was waiting to get in the car until he was finished with his cigarette. But then the little girl came to mind, alone in the car with no one interacting with her and I thought it would be better, in my mind, for father to speak and communicate with his daughter while exposing her to smoke than leaving her alone any longer.

This may all seem dramatic. I get it. It is also quite judgmental because I am passing judgment and opinions on someone I don’t even have any clue about. I couldn’t help it though. I couldn’t help but see this girl who was seemingly ignored. She was silent as if in all her previous attempts to be seen she was ignored so in the end gave up trying to make herself seen.

I have 3 kids and never were they silent or unanimated in a grocery store. We interacted – talked, laughed, etc. I’m not trying to claim the way I did it as right. I just know I never wanted my kids to feel that we weren’t together. I wanted them to know I saw them, heard them and knew they were there.

“Talk to her,” I wanted to say. Let her know you see her. Let her know she matters enough to be seen and noticed.

The girl, the man both deserve to be seen, to be acknowledged, to know that they are worth each other’s time.

We all deserve this. We all deserve to know that we matter and that we are never alone.

It was a reminder to me to see everyone and to acknowledge them and let them know that I see them. They aren’t invisible and they have a special place in the world just by their being alive.


If you’re reading this now know that I see you and I acknowledge your presence in this world. You are seen and appreciated. I appreciate you and am so glad you are a part of my life. I’m grateful that our paths have crossed. I feel your presence and your energy.


If you’re still reading my words give back today by letting others know that you see them, that they aren’t invisible and they matter. This seems like one simple act we can all take part in to let no one feel alone, let no one go through a minute of their day feeling that they don’t matter. Remind them that they’re alive.







Tapping for an Amazing Day

Tapping also known as EFT is a psychological acupressure exercise that helps to support your emotional health and well being.

Follow along with this simple 4 minute video to tap towards an Amazing Day!