My Vision

I believe in truth, love, learning, happiness, freedom, personal voice, free will and you. I fill my days with meditation, mindfulness, yoga, love, health, sharing and support. I will reach out to those who need or want my support. I will help others realize their personal truth, desires and their voice. I offer my friendship, support and continued learning. I am inspired to inspire. I strive to be authentic and to share my truth and love. My core values are: that we are all, every living thing, equal in every way; that everything in life, the good and the bad is a lesson offering us possibilities to grow; that we are all energy; and that we all deserve to know and live happiness.

Keeping People Out of Your Head and Therefore Your Reality


What if I told you that most of what you think about yourself and of life were given to you by other people? Would it make you what to reassess your life up to this point and possibly take control of YOUR life?


Do you hear other people’s voices in your head;

  • You’re not good enough.
  • You need to loose weight.
  • You’re not smart enough.
  • You don’t make enough money.
  • You don’t know how to just be happy.

You take these voices and you make them real. You start believing them. You start living them. You can’t see any other version of you than the version created by others since your earliest of days.

Do you want to know something? You don’t have to live this reality. If the voices of others plague you it is because you have given them entry into your thoughts.

You have allowed others opinions of you to become you.

You have the key though. You are the ultimate decider of what thoughts you allow to permeate your being and which ones to keep out.

If someone’s actions make you feel that you are not good enough it is only you who brings them into fruition.

You are 100% responsible for how you feel. Let me repeat that,

you are 100% responsible for how you feel.

No one but you is to blame for your feelings of self worth.

If someone flat out tells you that you are a horrible tennis player. The only thing that makes this true for you is if you internalize it.

If someone tells you that you are fat, the only thing that makes this true is if you allow it to enter your thoughts and take seed.

This may be hard to grasp especially for people who are living a reality given to them at an early age. I speak with many people who are holding on to stories from their childhood about not feeling good enough. They remember scenarios of being neglected, not getting “good enough” grades, not feeling pretty enough. And you know what? They have taken these stories and let them grow into reality. How? By continually watering their thought seeds with others beliefs.

I mean I remember an instance when I was probably 10 and my mother told me I had a booger in my nose. She told me out of kindness before leaving the house but still I felt almost crushed. Like she was insulting me. This simple instance has stuck with me. I let it grow into being by watering it with my fear and thoughts of being not good enough, an embarrassment, even unattractive.

Ridiculous right? I mean even today if this same thing happened to me I would be embarrassed, self conscious and more. But, why? In the big picture this reflects nothing of my being. I mean a booger! We all have them. Even now writing to you I feel a bit self conscious sharing such a thing.

No more. I will not allow this seed to grow any longer. I will take responsibility for my thoughts and not put the responsibility or blame on others. I choose my thoughts. I choose how to feel about myself.

But what if there is someone in your life actually telling you that you are fat or ugly or a failure?

You are still responsible for making those sayings a reality. You can choose to make them a reality or you can squash them immediately and not let them ever enter your thought process.

Taking control of your thoughts is huge. Once you become aware that every thought you have the good, the bad and the ugly is a choice then you can take the steps to choose to only allow the good into your consciousness and therefore your reality.

How do you start? First off, simply by becoming conscious of your thoughts. Take note of your thoughts throughout the day.

When you look in the mirror, what are your thoughts saying? Where did they come from? Are you going to choose to water those thoughts? Are there new thoughts you are willing to replace with the old?

Taking control and responsibility for your thoughts will set you on a path of conscious control of your direction in life.

Stop allowing other people to take the lead. Choose for yourself what your reality will be.

Your thoughts are completely in your control.


What reality are you living today that has come from allowing other people to penetrate your thoughts?




How I Threw Away My Mask

Untitled design-5

I once was the star of a play. This wasn’t a big Broadway production. It actually wasn’t even well known. It existed in the backyard of a green house, my  childhood house. There were swings, an above ground pool and a shed that had steps leading up to a low nail strewn ceiling ready to impale me at any sudden moves.

So I played it safe, I made no sudden moves. At this time I already had my mask. It was given to me as a parting gift as I left the hospital on my third day of life. I never even had to add on to it. The people who surrounded me were nice enough to do it for me. I didn’t know any better. I let them. There were pink ribbons and zippers and words written upon me in the dullest of graphite.

Miraculously the mask grew with me. I never really even noticed it anymore as I’m sure I must have when I tried to remove it in the confines of my barred crib. But I learned to give in to wearing the mask which gave me enough breathing room to just be.

My mask allowed me to play my part in this play called life.

Then a day came when the skin beneath the mask yearned for air. I was on fire and the only thing that could extinguish the heat was to free myself from the confines of my mask.

It wasn’t like a bandaid. There was no way of just ripping it of. Instead I had to remove it one layer at a time. And each layer that was removed left a raw spot needing to be reassured and nourished with slow deep breaths.

As the layers were removed I started to see the world differently. I hadn’t even noticed that the mask blocked my peripheral vision.

There were new colors and sounds that I had never experienced. Even the sounds of life had been muffled. Without my mask I was able to experience life, for the first time, from my perspective. I could watch from above in the branches of a tree. I could immerse myself in a crowd of strangers. I could do it from the confines of my own true self.

When I look in the mirror now, my reflection still holds some remaining layers of my mask, but the parts that have been newly exposed glow with a beauty of realness. I no longer live through the dictates of others definitions of who I am but instead I live as the me I was meant to be.

It hasn’t been easy releasing myself from the mask others created for me and it definitely hasn’t been painless but the freedom, the colors, and the sounds of my own true life are glorious.

Tiny Specks of Miracles


Looking through the rays of light coming through the window I see the tiny specks floating around me. It is clear evidence of the tiny specks of miracles that surround us all.

There may be some saying , “No, those aren’t miracles. Those are dust motes and shed skin.” To those I say, open your eyes and witness the tiny specks of miracles that do in fact surround us all.

When we think of a miracle we contemplate big life changing events like healed disease, surviving an overturned vehicle with only a scratch, finding a $100 bill inside a pair of old jeans. And yes, these can in fact be miracles. But in no way are these super sized occurrences the only definitions of miracles.

A neighbor called the other day to tell me that my street living cat who gave up residence and all but emancipated himself from us 3 years ago was limping so she took him to the vet. This neighbor who shared her love not only with our shared cat, but also with my family is a miracle.

As I walk down the street with my daughter an elderly man with a leg brace and cane steps to the side to allow us through wishing us well with a beautiful and giving smile. He was a miracle to me and my daughter for he reminded me that life is about slowing down and stepping aside.

At night I climb into bed each night wrapped in the warmth of blankets and the comfort of a bed and am often reminded of Anne Frank who laid on a cot or hard floor in the dead of winter with nothing but what was left of her raged clothes. In this I see the miracle of something so easily taken for granted.

I, you, we all live with a constant swirl of miracles around us. They can be as simple as a cup of coffee or a penny found while walking to our car. Miracles can be in the warm smile shared with a stranger or the witnessing of a seed transitioning into a sprout.

We may think we are missing things in life, a better car, a more sincere spouse, a bigger house, a better job, a well-behaved kid, a zero balance on our credit cards, and the list goes on. But what if all that was listed above was seen from a miracle mindset?

Instead of seeing that which you don’t have, see it from the perspective of miracles.

  • Instead of seeing not having a good enough car you see the miracle of having a car.
  • Instead of wishing you had a more sincere spouse you see the miracle of once experiencing love.
  • Instead of desiring a bigger house you see the miracle of shelter of some kind.
  • Instead of wishing for a better job you see the miracle of having a job.
  • Instead of wishing for a better behaved kid you see the miracle of experiencing giving life and love.
  • Instead of wishing for zero balance credit cards you see the miracle of becoming money conscious.

The world is made of matter and miracles. You believe in matter because you can see it and touch it. But miracles take a bit more. They take opening your eyes to all that surrounds you and finding the little things and recognizing them as the miracles they are.

If you’re looking for your miracles look toward a shaft of light and see the tiny specks of miracles. You are constantly surrounded by infinite miracles just waiting to be noticed and shared.

Do me a favor and take a day, more if you are adventurous, and become ultra conscious of all that surrounds you and the miracle of it all starting with the rising sun. I mean holy moley, that life giving gaseous orb is a miracle we literally couldn’t live without.

Thank you sun. Thank you blankets, thank you beautiful gentleman, thank you kind and loving neighbor. Thank you tiny specks of miracles that surround me every second of my day.

In Gratitude.

Share with me in the comments some tiny specks of miracles  you have experienced lately. I would love to hear.

Learning to Fly and Allowing for Change


A caterpillar knows when it’s time.
It finds a quiet place to go to be utterly alone.
It wraps itself up tightly so as not to be seen.
Within its shroud change is taking place.
It’s not easy.
There is little space and the fear of the unknown.
There may be pain or even heartache from leaving behind its old life.
There is also anticipation.
There is excitement.
There is a lot of work and energy that goes into change especially in such a grand transformation.
The caterpillar is still the same yet so different.
When it’s change is complete, it knows.
It is time to be seen and to share with the wind and the sky.
After its time hidden in its shroud it is ready to break free.
Slowly and with ease it breaks open its safety net and releases.
The caterpillar is no longer that, it now has wings and can fly to unknown and magical destinations.
Its change was not easy but it’s outcome is oh so glorious.

When you’re ready you too can grow your wings and fly.