I believe…

I believe in an energy that flows around and through us. This energy is the love and guidance that connects us all. When we slow down and stop we can feel it. It is tingly. It is welcoming. It is connection and power and truth. It is love. It radiates all around us, grounding us and connecting us to one another – to the trees, to the air, to the tiny specks of miracles that surround us. We were born into this energy of love. Our journey is leading us back to our true being – a reconnection to our power, our truth, our innate energy. We return to love. I am awakened. And to you my friend and love, I honor you on your journey and wish you the strength to go back and return to who you came here to be.






If you’re ready to take your life back and return to the person you were born to be…to sail the 7 seas, to sing from mountain tops, to feel connected to the person that has been hiding deep within you, then it’s time to take a giant leap off the bridge of fear you have built up over the years and fly.

It’s quite simple actually. It’s about trusting in that inner-knowing and believing in the person you were born to be. You were born whole and perfect. It’s time to heal from the experiences that have taken you away from this knowing. You are a part of a kind and compassionate Universe that wants you to soar, to experience, to love and to be loved. It’s about returning back to the “You” you were born to be.

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“Imagine staring at the forest for 61 years, then the trees appeared. Reb’s insights answered years of lingering questions about myself – questions I never knew I had. Give thanks for lighting a new path.”  

Thomas Eldridge


“Working with Rebecca has been nothing short of amazing. For the past few years, I’ve felt bogged down by negative energy keeping me from my potential. In essence, I wasn’t myself but I didn’t know how to fix it. The Universe, always the guiding force, led me to Rebecca and she was the answer. She lifted the weight off my chest and helped me breathe again. It’s a work in progress but the start Rebecca gave me freed up that negative congestion. The best thing about Rebecca? Besides the fact that she’s professional, thorough and an expert in her field, is that she genuinely cares. Don’t hesitate to work with her!” 

                                                                                                                      -Fanny Brisegard

“You have no idea how good I feel now. I feel like I can breathe again, like my lungs can expand more.”     

     -Heather Myers


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