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Healing a Broken Heart (pt. 2)

  What am I feeling? Loss? Regret? Confusion? It started way back in the 80’s. I was 13. It was September 22, 1988 to be exact. There was a boy, a boy who was in my World History class. This boy was one of those attention getting kids who loved to make people...

Healing a Broken Heart pt. 1

  What am I feeling? Loss? Regret? Confusion? I’ve wanted this for so long, to be separated from my husband, the man boy I’ve been with since I was 14. Ever since our first child was born, almost 16 years ago, it feels as if he left me. He checked out. Whether it...

Purpose Schmurpose

Now a days is all about trying to figure out your purpose and living that purpose. It’s enough to make us feel inadequate and lost in a sea of possibilities. When we’re trapped in the mode of searching we miss seeing one very important thing and that is life, now as...