My Vision

I believe in truth, love, learning, happiness, freedom, personal voice, free will and you. I fill my days with meditation, mindfulness, yoga, love, health, sharing and support. I will reach out to those who need or want my support. I will help others realize their personal truth, desires and their voice. I offer my friendship, support and continued learning. I am inspired to inspire. I strive to be authentic and to share my truth and love. My core values are: that we are all, every living thing, equal in every way; that everything in life, the good and the bad is a lesson offering us possibilities to grow; that we are all energy; and that we all deserve to know and live happiness.

A Pep Talk on Change

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Recently I have been talking a lot about myself and what I’m either doing to change my life or about how I can and want to help the people of the Universe find their “thing”.

Not today though. Today I’m here to give you some tough love to get you out of your comfortable yet unfulfilled life.

Chances are you found me after reading one of my pieces published on another on-line publication. If so, thank you for sharing your life and energy with me.

I am grateful. I am so glad to have you. The thing is my writings typically fall into one of two categories, spiritual or self-help or the combo of the two.

Do you know that I cringe at the subject/title “self-help”? It’s cliche, derivative, and yet another label to categorize ourselves under.

Ironically though I am a proponent of self-help in the manner of living your true and awesome self, and some of us need someone to nudge or even  push us to move in that direction.

Well, that would be me. I am here to push you, encourage you and support you.

It’s time to pick yourself out of living a life that is not you and trying to fulfill a life that doesn’t excite you or light you up.

I’m here to light your fire so get ready and feel my intense warmth.

When you woke up today, what was your first thought? Did you jump out of bed excited for the day ahead of you. I sure as hell hope you did. If you didn’t then prepare yourself to jump onto this wild ride of life with me.

You once had dreams, right? You once imagined growing up and finally being free of the dictates of your parents and teachers only to evolve into an adult and live the dictates of jobs and society.

What about taking a bold leap and choosing to finally commit to dictating your own life, your dreams, your present.

Change. Yep, it’s that word again. It’s time to make that change and the first step is admitting that yes in fact, you do want things to change and yes, you are ready.

I know, believe me I know how comfortable it is to be right where you are, to not rock the boat as is often said. Change brings up fear and fear will control the shit out of your life if you don’t take a stand against it.

But its’ time to put on your fire proof underpants and be lit up. If you want a better life, a different life then change is where it starts.

You came here to this earth many years ago planning on living a certain life. You had goals and a purpose. If you don’t take advantage of them now, then what’s the point.

You have a choice now to start living the life you came here to live. Even if you don’t yet know what that life is yet, you know you want it and achieving that starts with change.

Change can be hard and yes will be hard at times but change is necessary for growth and movement.

So you have a choice, are you ready to live, truly live your awesome life?

Good that’s what I thought. So where do you begin?


What’s the first step toward change you are ready to make?

Here, take my hand. I’ll come along.

Share below what your first steps will be. Let’s inspire ourselves and others with our movements, big and small.

In love and support,


How Do You Know You’re Ready for Change?

Hey truth seekers.

Change, what is it and how do you know it is time?

Change means you are ready for something different. It means you are ready to move in a different direction, take a new path, open your eyes to new possibilities.

Change seems harder than it is. It is actually quite easy once you acknowledge you are ready for a change.

How do you know you are ready and once you realize you are, how do you begin?

Very simply, check out the quick video below to get started then leave a comment. I would love to hear if you are ready for change and if so what you are hoping to change.

Love and Truth,


A Limp, Love, and an Open Heart

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I was recently driving my car and had to stop suddenly to allow two geese to cross the road. All jokes aside one of the geese, the one taking up the rear was limping. I of course said, Aww. This poor little guy was slow and possibly pained, but he was doing it, making his way to the nearby water. I felt bad for this goose. I could see his disability and possible pain.

Then it dawned on me, yes I could see his pain but does that not mean the other goose isn’t suffering in some way.

Then I expanded past the geese to humans and thought about external vs. internal pain. When we can see visible pain or suffering we accommodate our mind accordingly with kind thoughts, gestures and understanding. But what about the pain we can’t see?

Just because we can’t see pain does that mean it doesn’t exist? Do we still offer our kind thoughts, gestures and understanding to others just in case?

Why yes we do or at least we should. We as humans are good at hiding behind a mask of self control and togetherness. But this is often not the case.

Pain in some way lives in all of us whether it physical, mental or social. Some of us suffer family issues, chronic pain, financial struggles or even job loss. Behind closed doors and even closed facades it is invisible to most people.

The question then becomes how do we proceed knowing that people may be in pain without our knowing?

We live compassionately. We love indiscriminately. And we share kindness without limits.

We at least need to be conscious of the fact that people aren’t their outside coverings but a deep and intricate mesh of life, love, desire, disappointment, struggles, joy and yes, even pain. These are things we can’t often see but that does not mean they don’t exist.

Proceed through today, tomorrow and all the days that follow with an open mind and an open heart.

Remember just because you don’t see the limp doesn’t mean that person isn’t struggling with the next step.
Choose Love Always.

My Manifesto



Manifesto – to declare your truth; a public declaration of your intentions, motives and views to the world.

Who am I?

My name is Rebecca Mckown, also known as Becky. I have been on this planet (this time around) for 40 years and am now ready to declare my truth to the world.

It is time for me to realize my power. I am a powerful person. I embrace all that I am. I will no longer let other people influence my thoughts, decisions, or choices.

I am stubborn, thoughtful, a rebel, and love. I am a writer, a creative, a believer, a certified introvert, a spirit junkie, and a believer that everyone and I mean everyone is created equal and deserves the deepest most gratifying happiness.

I have goals and dreams that I have not yet realized but vow today to start living towards these goals. One goal I have is to let my voice be heard. No more playing small.

Sometimes it is fear that holds me back from living my truth. Fear leaves me vulnerable. Today I vow to face my fears head on and to beat them freeing myself from their tight constraints. I sometimes fear what others think of me. I feel failure. I fear not being enough. I fear not feeling free.

I realize that part of living my truth means accepting who I am and realizing that my flaws are not flaws but part of who I am. I accept these parts of me that are really signs of my inner and outer beauty. Today I vow to accept my post baby stomach, my need to be solitary and my worthiness.

Sometimes I forget to look at my life with gratitude. Through gratitude I can see the truth that already surrounds me. Three things I am grateful for are my husband’s unending support and love, my breaths and their ability to give me power, and the people who come into my life daily.

I give myself permission to live true to who I am. No longer will I allow outside influences to control me.

I am Awesome.

I am Beautiful.

I am Love.

As the Universe is my witness,

Today I choose to Live Now, Love Now and Do Now.




If you would like to join me in living your truth and are ready to declare your truths and intentions to the world, you can download the easy “My Manifesto” worksheet below. Let me know how it goes. Be prepared to watch the path in front of you cleared. Travel safely my friend.

My Manifesto

PDF printable version Manifesto

If you’re brave share below. What are you ready to declare?