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Simply L-O-V-E

Today you have a choice. It may seem like an easy choice but the reality of the act can be quite difficult. What if today you chose love, Simply Love? In a typical day you can’t walk out the door, pick up your phone, scan through the TV without hearing about something...

Blowin’ In the Wind

Our story is not over. I need to understand why and what is needed to end this. Perhaps it will be in another life that our story will continue. Is this necessary? Do I resolve myself with this plan, that in this life the story has ended and I can let it go from my...

A Seed Grows

A seed, let’s call it Hank,  is planted in one backyard. It is sown into the fertile earth waiting for the day to open up and break through the ground to grow and thrive and reach towards the sun. Next to this plot of earth, which is home to this seed, a bag of high...