My Vision

I believe in truth, love, learning, happiness, freedom, personal voice, free will and you. I fill my days with meditation, mindfulness, yoga, love, health, sharing and support. I will reach out to those who need or want my support. I will help others realize their personal truth, desires and their voice. I offer my friendship, support and continued learning. I am inspired to inspire. I strive to be authentic and to share my truth and love. My core values are: that we are all, every living thing, equal in every way; that everything in life, the good and the bad is a lesson offering us possibilities to grow; that we are all energy; and that we all deserve to know and live happiness.

Reflections of a Day


Waking up each day offers new possibilities. Each day we have the ability to  create new and exciting experiences and possibilities. We have a say in how our day goes. It starts very simply. It starts in a reflection.

A mirror reflects back to us that which it sees. When you stand before a mirror you get a direct reflection of what you currently look like. If you have a red long sleeved shirt on you see yourself in that exact long sleeved red shirt. You wouldn’t see yourself in a black short sleeved shirt. That wouldn’t be possible because a mirror can only reflect you exactly as you are at the time of looking into said mirror.

The Universe is like a mirror. It reflects.

The Universe can be defined in many ways. It is the stars and galaxies. It is matter and energy. My Universe, the one I associate with, is human experience through divine power. The Universe is what we are all consciously and subconsciously a part of. Some may call it God, or the Divine. The Universe is that which holds all things in its grasps. We are all Universal Energy, part of the Big U.

The Universe, which holds us, empowers us through symbolically walking hand and hand with us, taking us where we want to go and giving us exactly what we ask for. There is nothing the Universe won’t give us. We just have to ask. But how do we ask?

The Universe reflects back to us that which we give. It is in sense a mirror. If we put out kindness, the Universe reflects kindness back to us. If we put out negativity, the Universe reflects negativity back to us. It is quite simple. It is like the example up above, if we are wearing red the mirror reflects our image wearing red. The Universe works exactly in the same way.

Here is where you can become quite powerful. If the Universe can deliver what you want you must get very clear on what it is you want. Your thoughts must be very clear here.

If you want to be happy, you must have happy thoughts and believe in happy. If you want to experience abundance you must put forth abundant thoughts. If your thoughts tend toward lack and not having enough, what will the Universe deliver to you? Exactly, lack and not having enough.

The Universe is a mirror of what you put out. This is your chance to be powerful, decide what it is you want, put it out there into the Universe and watch it reflect back to you.

So tell me when you look at your Universal reflection, what do you see? Is it what you were hoping for? If not, how can you change your thoughts to be the reflection of what you want?

What it Means to Be a Mother


Holy Hell, I only have 5 more years before my son is going to run screaming from my grips. How did this happen? It was only 14 years ago, almost to the day, that I found out I was pregnant with him. Now, he rolls his eyes at me, grumps me, and cowers every time I bring up the word “feelings”. That old saying, “I remember it like it was yesterday”, well I do.

I was pregnant and the moment after that test showed positive I started to have continual aftershocks run through my core. I had pure love coursing through my body. These were the most intense feelings I had ever experienced.

I had a life growing inside of me and not just a life, a very specific life. I knew him immediately. I felt his soul so deeply. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was a boy. I spent literally almost all my days communicating with him. He was part of me. It was as if my soul split to make his.

Then the day came when he slipped into this world. He lay on my chest and looked up at me. His eyes knew me. I could feel it. I still see that stare today in my memory and in my heart.

The most human moment, birth, turned my spirit inside out. I had no idea that this little baby would bring on my Awakening. He along with his sister and brother have taken me on a journey so spectacular. Becoming a mother was not about being a caretaker, it was about re-discovering long lost souls, a part of me that had been missing.

Being a mother isn’t all about puffy clouds and spiritual connection. Being a mother is also about sleepless nights, tantrums, frustration, challenge after challenge.

Being a mother is about having someone to always hold hands with, and watch ridiculous movies with. It is about playing games and reading books you never would have read without a younger person to read with.

Being a mother is about loosing your temper and sometimes being resentful.

It is multi-faceted.

It is powerful.

It is pure love, a love like no other.

It is true that a mother will always be a mother but it is a very short 18 years that we have our kids to ourselves. I only have these 5 years left with my son in my slipping grips. It is important in these 5 years to nurture this connection that was started not so long ago. After all he is part of me and I am part of him, forevermore.

As Mother’s Day approaches I often contemplate what it is we, as a family, will do that day. I always come back to the same thing. I want Mother’s Day to be like any day. I truly feel eternally grateful that my kids found me and chose me to live their life with. There is no dinner, no earrings, no flowers that could give me more than they have already given me. They already gave me everything I could ever want by choosing me.

This Mother’s Day think about what it really means to be a mother and be grateful. Share your gratitude with your kids, your mother, your wife, your friends. Enjoy every moment of this soulful journey.

Planting the Seeds of Intention

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“Intention is the core of all conscious life.

Conscious intention colors and moves everything.”

-Master Hsing Yun


What is Intention? Intention can be defined as an aim that intends action, physical, mental or spiritual. Action being the key word here. Action and movement are the ultimate goal in an intention. Intentions can set up your days and life with awesome outcomes.

Intentions can be personal mantras or daily goals. Waking each day and setting an intention can set your day moving in the right direction.

You wake up, get out bed, brush your teeth. You have thought nothing, only following the rhythmic movings of the cog in the machine. It is as if you are mechanical going through the motions of a life you have no control over.

Now let’s start over – you wake up, stretch your body waking every cell – now before getting out of bed ask yourself what you want for the day?

How do you want to feel?

What do you want to achieve?

Here’s where you become the creator. At this moment, before your feet even hit the floor, you can decide how your day, and ultimately your life, will unfold.

Getting clear here, I do not mean that you set the intention to be handed a million dollars and “boom” you have a million dollars. Intentions are not wishes granted by a genie. Intentions are feelings and desires you strive for. In your statement of intention, and belief in its possibility you enter your desire into  Universal consciousness.

Imagine an intention as a seed, you set it free every morning and allow it to float into the Universe. It is now out there and with the nourishment of your belief it will take seed. But without your care and belief it will float away to an unknown realm, never having the chance to be experienced by you.

Your intentions are an easy step toward the change you want to see in your life. It isn’t about making any bold moves or fighting the gloves of fear. It is instead a statement of belief and desire, one you get to create and nurture.

Intentions are such an easy and painless way toward change. All you have to do is say what you want, set the intention and let the day unfold. Keep the intended thought at the surface of your mind without an expected outcome. Just keep it there so it’s energy seeps into your conscious awareness. In time your intentions will bloom and that is when  change and action take form.
Wake up tomorrow, set your intention and share with me. I would so love to hear.

Exercise in Spirituality


 I was asked recently what it means to be Spiritual. I stopped and thought. My answer was simple, it means to “feel”. Spirituality to me is not religion. Religion is based on set beliefs determined by past doctrines adopted by groups as a way to live.

Religion has set rules and standards to live by. There are deities to worship, commandments to follow and rituals to adhere to. Religion works. It gives people something solid and comforting to live on. It is a Rock, hard, solid, and rarely changing. It offers community and safety in numbers.

Spirituality on the other hand is a feeling. It exists without thoughts, without order, without rules, without buildings. Spirituality resides within a body. It can lay dormant never being unearthed or it can vibrate through you throughout the day.

Spirituality is spirit, singular. Each being has a spirit and is therefore capable of experiencing spirituality. Spirituality is felt. It must be felt. It existed before any doctrines, before any deities. It just is. Spirituality is your connection with life, with energy, with death, with the unknown. Spirituality is unmalleable. It just is.

How to find and realize your spirituality is a question often asked. There are plenty of books to be read and to be scrutinized over. Spirituality has been explained and taught throughout the years. But in truth it does not exist in a book. It exists in you. Instead of reading and learning about spirituality try this:

Sit quietly and breath. Hold your hands up about chest level with your palms facing up. Close your eyes and imagine spheres, about the size of a baseball, of contained heat. This isn’t burning heat, it is radiating heat. Feel the heat in your hands. Feel your hands tingle. Feel the imaginary weight. That feeling in your hands is your conscious awareness of spirit. It is energy that already exists within you and through this simple exercise you can feel it. It always exists. It doesn’t just come with imagination, it doesn’t just exist in your hands, it is always present. With practice you will be able to feel the energy move up your arms and throughout your entire body.

This energy is power. It is your power to live through spirit and discover the inner workings of your soul.