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The Past Rewritten

  I have a pretty amazing past I was born to two parents who loved me. I was one of 4 kids, third to an older brother and sister and later a younger brother. I lived in a modest, but loving house. It was a muted green house attached to its twin house which I...

Boldly Stepping Away From Fear

I have been playing small, afraid to venture out into a world of the unknown. I followed a path where there were no obstacles and no dark shadows. I was the good girl, to some a goody-goody. I didn’t swear. I didn’t drink, do drugs or smoke. Recently though my rebel...

And the Truth Shall Set Me Free

And the truth shall set you free… By the end of this writing I shall be free. I have been hiding from my truth for some time now. I have been scared. I have allowed fear of the unknown and of other people’s perceptions hide me away. I have been living in the shadows....